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Canaries & Finches

Great pets for children, finches are easy to keep and care for. Canaries are most popular with bird keepers for their brilliant plumage and the beautiful song. They both make excellent additions to your family and can be very rewarding to care for.


For the happiest, healthiest finch, you will need to provide him with a varied diet comprising seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, and possibly insects.
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Your bird’s feathers are vital to his good health: They keep him warm and cool as needed, repel water, and are strong enough to enable him to fly. By providing frequent baths, helping your pet through his molts, and keeping his nails trimmed, you can assist him in keeping his feathers—and the rest of him as well—clean and healthy.
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Health Care

Like all pets, birds such as canaries and finches are complex creatures who need good preventive veterinary care, as well as care when they are ill or have experienced an injury. It’s a good pet owner’s responsibility to observe her pet’s daily routine and condition, look for any signs of change or illness, and seek help from an avian veterinarian when necessary.
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Species Profiles

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Housing Finches
Society Finches
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