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Welcome to the Cat section of Pet University!

This section contains articles on all kinds of different cat topics, both general and breed-specific. Whether you have a kitten or a cat, you can add significantly to his levels of health and happiness by putting into practice all the great information available to you in this section.

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Becoming a Cat Parent

A Kitty-Proof Home

There are things inside every home that can be dangerous to a cat, such as houseplants, fireplaces, and all sorts of small things that a cat could choke on. Learn how to make your house as kitty-proof as possible.
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Health & Nutrition

Pet Heat Index

Just as humans and pets age differently, we also experience temperatures differently. The ColdHeat Pet Index tells you how hot or cold it "feels" to your pet ­ and indicates the risk to your pet of overheating or of being too cold.
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Cats have a reputation for hating water. Find out how to make sure your cat is clean without too much of a struggle.

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Quality Cat Products

The cat section of Pet University is brought to you through sponsorship from quality cat brands.

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