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Cats - Abyssinian The Abyssinian breed originated in England in the 19th century and was first recognized as a breed in 1882. It is a short-haired breed with a coat pattern that is reminiscent of that of a wild cat. Their coat is most often red, but can also be ruddy, blue, or fawn. Abyssinians have wide set, expressive, almond-shaped eyes that are amber, hazel or green.

Abyssinians are mischievous and quite nosy, but they are also intelligent and very good at solving problems. They are loyal cats and crave affection from their owners, which is why some people describe them as dog-like animals. The difference, however, is that they can also be aloof, distant, independent, and otherwise cat-like.

Their high energy level categorizes Abyssinians as "athletic" cats, which means they should be allowed to exercise as often as possible. Even as adult cats, Abyssinians maintain their kitten-like enthusiasm and curiosity. These cats should also have plenty of toys and the freedom to explore—they do not like to be restricted or "cooped up" in any way. They thrive on attention, so Abyssinians owners should spend as much time with their cat as possible.

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