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Cats - BurmeseThe Burmese cat was first officially recognized   in 1936, although variations of the breed have been around for much longer. Burmese cats have shiny, brown coats and large golden eyes. They are medium-sized, stocky felines  with short legs and round feet. They are muscular, athletic cats that love to play. They love to entertain and use their playtimes to do  so, sometimes even turning around mid-play to make sure you are watching. Burmese cats also tend to be good in the show ring. They constitute a large percentage of recent champion cats.
Burmese are loyal, loving cats. They are definitely stubborn at times, but rarely in a mischevious way. They simply want to be with you all the time and will attempt to do so at any cost. Many Burmese enjoy sitting in their owner's lap, faithfully following their owner around the house, and sleeping in their owner's bed (under the covers, if possible!). They are fun cats and well-loved for their ability to bring joy to their owners and anyone else who crosses their path.

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