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Maine Coon

Cats - Maine CoonAlthough the Maine Coon cat is an old breed, it was not officially recognized by US cat associations until 1967. Today, the Maine Coon is the second most popular longhaired breed in the United States, after the Persian. This cat is also very popular in other countries, such as Great Britain.
Maine Coons are regal cats, but they are still rugged at heart. They are playful, curious felines, always ready for a good game or to snoop in an open cupboard. However, Maine Coons are also serious, pensive creatures. They have a certain aloofness to them and can appear, to those who are unfamiliar with them, to be rather indifferent, although they are truly not uncaring or completely unemotional. This tendency toward aloofness can be developed or suppressed by the environment in which a Maine Coon is raised.
The Maine Coon is a fairly quiet cat, rarely verbal. In fact, he is quiet in general, usually preferring to spend his time sitting on the windowsill over any other activity. He seems to feel that any expenditure of energy should be well worth the trouble. A Maine Coon will make a fine addition to any family, particularly one that is quiet and would like to stay that way.

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