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There are two varieties of Oriental cats: shorthair and longhair. Other than the length of their hair, these two types have few differences. Their bodies are nearly identical to each other and very similar to the body of a Siamese cat. In fact, Oriental cats are also very similar to Siamese cats in personality: they are outgoing, people-loving cats.
Oriental cats love to share their lives with people. If possible, they will shadow their owners from the moment they get up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep at night. Their favorite place to be is wherever you are. Oriental cats love heat and another favorite place for them is the sunniest spot in the house, wherever that may be. You will often find an Oriental cat asleep on the windowsill—or near the computer, oven, or dishwasher!
Orientals are “talking” cats. Many times they will really seem to be attempting a conversation. They will also respond when you talk to them. Most Orientals will learn to recognize their name at a very young age and will come when called. This may come in handy, as they are very active felines and will rarely be found just lazing around.
Oriental cats are one of the most popular cat breeds. This is no surprise, as they are beautiful, active, intelligent, and loving cats.

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