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Cats - PersianPerhaps the most regal of all feline histories, almost all longhaired cats owe their ancestry to the Persian. Though their specific origin is not known, credit is given to the peoples of Turkey, Iran (Persia) and their neighbors for the earliest association with longhaired cats, circa the 16th century. Throughout the years, the Persian became the standard by which all longhaired cats were measured.
Held in high regard for its gentle, quiet, and affectionate personality, many esteem the Persian to be the most majestic of cats, unsurpassed in beauty and charm. Time to spend doting on them is a prerequisite to owning one of these charmingly royal pets. The singular beauty of the longhaired coat needs to be regularly maintained to avoid matting. Unfortunately, due to their immense popularity, excessive breeding can occur and result in inferior or sickly Persians. Perspective owners should do their homework and be well prepared to care for this aristocrat of cats.
However, the time and work put into caring for a Persian is well worth the joy and prestige of befriending one.

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