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Cats - SiameseThe Siamese breed was first registered in the United States in 1879, but it was a few more years before the breed really began to get popular. However, people were soon falling in love with this one-of-a-kind cat.
The Siamese is a cat like no other. It is a loud cat, with its persistent meowing often a vocalization of its demand for attention or anything else. Many people consider Siamese cats to be dog-like, as they display their moods and emotions much more openly than any other cat. The Siamese is easily bored and requires a good amount of attention and playtime.
Siamese cats have sparkling blue eyes and dark markings on their ears, faces, tails, and feet, which contrast sharply with their light-colored coat. Very visually appealing, these cats are anything but sedate. If you’re ready for a cat with lots of personality, a Siamese might be a great option for you.

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