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Find a Lost Cat

Find a Lost Cat Not many things in a cat owner's life are sadder than realizing your kitty is missing. It can be a scary, stressful time, and the process of searching for your lost cat can seem overwhelming. Many cat owners don't have any idea how to get started.

One of the best ways to ensure that your lost cat makes it home again if he is ever lost is to make sure he wears an identification tag at all times. There are also services that will microchip your pet as a form of identification. If your pet is lost but he has some form of identification, there is a very good chance that you will see him again.

An important thing to do right away if you've lost your pet is to put up flyers in the area where he went missing. List the location where and date when he was lost and add some general information about him, such as his height, weight, and color. Make sure every flyer includes your contact information. You may also need to walk the neighborhood, going door to door, handing out flyers and asking people if they've seen your cat. Also stop by the local animal shelter and drop off some flyers.

Today there are many more resources for owners with missing pets than there were in the past. The Internet has provided a lot of opportunities for information sharing on all different topics, including lost cats. Check out the following sites for more helpful information on finding a missing cat:
This site allows cat owners to post a virtual flyer about their missing pet. People who have found lost pets can also post information.
This organization will help you identify the area in which your pet is most likely to be found and give you the tools to quickly reach as many people in that area as possible, letting them know that your cat is missing.