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Indoor/Outdoor Exposure

Cats - Indoor Outdoor ExposureIndoor
If you keep your cat indoors at all times, you will have less imminent threats to worry about, but there are still some dangerous things lurking inside every house. Plastic bags are one item that can be very harmful to your kitty. Cats love to play, so a plastic bag looks a toy to them. While that grocery bag could certainly provide hours of amusement, it also has the potential to kill your cat. If the handle of a bag gets wrapped around his neck, he could easily choke. To avoid a terrible situation, keep all plastic bags away from your cat.
Some houseplants can also be very dangerous for your kitty. There are quite a few types of plants that are poisonous to cats that chew on them. Find out which ones you may have in your home and either get rid of them or make sure your cat has no access to them. Anything else that your cat could get into his mouth and choke on should also be removed. Look for small rubber bands, ribbons, magnets, paperclips, and any other household supplies that are small enough to fit in your cat’s mouth, and make sure they are out of his reach.
Some outdoor cats live long lives, but more often, the lives of outdoor cats are cut short by a variety of dangerous situations. The most common cause of death for a cat living outdoors is being hit by a car. Outdoors cats have no limits on where they can and can’t go. It’s extremely easy for them to wander into the road and meet with a terrible accident.
Outdoor cats also risk getting caught up in a fight with another animal, which can lead to serious wounds or even death. They can also get trapped in bad weather, such as a thunderstorm or snowstorm, where they risk getting frostbite or hypothermia. There are also some people who find it amusing to tease or hurt animals, and your cat could be seriously harmed if he meets up with one of them.
No matter how careful you are, there will always be some dangers for your cat, indoors or outdoors. Do the best you can to remove potentially harmful things from your cat’s path, but also be prepared in case a medical need arises.