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Becoming a Dog Parent

Becoming a Dog Parents If you have lots of love to give, choosing to adopt a dog and share your love with him is a wonderful thing. Dog ownership can provide lots of fun, happiness, and good times for both you and your dog. But owning a dog also takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and some sacrifice. Before you bring home a new pet, educate yourself on the basic things that dogs require and decide whether adopting a dog is the right choice for you.

Check out the following links for general information on adopting a dog and getting ready to bring him home:

Quiz: Are You Ready?
While having a dog can be a lot of fun, becoming a dog parent is also a big responsibility. Are you ready to adopt a dog?

Selecting a Breed
A dog is a dog, right? Well… not exactly. Learn about different things to think about when looking for the perfect dog breed for you and your lifestyle!

Finding Your Dream Dog
Dogs can be adopted through breeders, animal rescues or shelters, or pet stores. Learn more about these options.

Allergic to Dogs?
Human allergies to dogs is nothing to sneeze at.

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home
Before you bring a dog home, there are steps to be taken to ensure the health and safety of your new pet.

Necessary Supplies
In addition to lots of love, dogs need certain supplies, including a crate, a collar, and a variety of toys.