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Shopping List

Getting a new puppy or dog is an exciting time!  In order to help you maximize your first few days with your new family member, you can print out the following shopping list and take it to your local pet supplier and not have to worry about forgetting something when you first get home.

  • Food Dish
  • Water Dish
  • Four Paws® K9 Keeper Deluxe Crate and Keeper Sleeper Crate Pad
  • Dog Bed
  • Collar
  • ID Tag
  • Four Paws® Cotton Web Lead
  • Four Paws® Safety Seat Support Harness
  • Farnam Water Bottle
  • Breeders Choice® Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice
  • Breeders Choice® Pinnacle Canine
  • Breeders Choice® AvoDerm Premium Dog Foods
  • PetMate® Food Portioner
  • Nylabone® Puppy Rings Toy
  • Nylabone® Cheeky Squeaky Pets™
  • Four Paws® Rough and Rugged Dumbell
  • Four Paws® MagicCoat® Shampoo
  • Four Paws® MagicCoat® Wipes
  • Four Paws® Nail Trimmer
  • Four Paws® Tender Touch Slicker Wire Brush
  • Four Paws® Pet Dental Starter Kit for Dogs
  • Nutrident® Dental Treat
  • Short-haired rake
  • Narrow-toothed comb
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Four Paws® Cologne
  • Wee-Wee® Diaper Garments and Pads
  • Keep Off! Furniture Repellant
  • Allen's Spring Action Scooper for Grass
  • Four Paws® Fresh Air Pet Stroller (for smaller dogs)
  • Four Paws® Metal Walk Through Gate or Wood Frame Gate
  • Four Paws® Tie Out Cable
  • Four Paws® Quick Blood Stopper Gel (First Aid)
  • TFH Publications "Parenting Your Dog" Book