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Basset Hounds

Dogs - Basset Hounds Often described as Bloodhounds with short legs, Basset Hounds have bodies that are low and close to the ground, giving them the appearance of being small, but they are actually quite sturdy, heavy dogs. The Basset's coat is short and hard, allowing him to be outdoors in all kinds of weather, if necessary. They have long ears, deep facial wrinkles, and lips that hang down and swing low. These characteristics give the Basset his distinctive appearance, but they also help to make him the great hunter that he is, by helping to gather scents toward the nose.

The Basset has soft, sad-looking eyes, but this physical trait is no indication of his temperament. These dogs are mild-mannered and eager to please. They are also quick learners and very obedient to their owners. They can be content in most any situation, but spending time with their owner is one of their most favorite things to do.

Bassets make great working dogs, show dogs, and pet dogs. They are versatile animals, and they will likely be as happy out hunting in the field as they are at home, playing in the backyard. They only require moderate exercise, but will quickly pack on the pounds if not allotted some daily run-around time. They can make great pets for anyone willing to provide them with the love and attention they need.

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