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Dogs - Beagles Beagles are extremely popular, lovable dogs. They have a hunting background, so they need lots of exercise. While most Beagles will be lazy if you allow them to be, it's important that they get a good amount of exercise every day. Beagles love to play outdoors and will happily join their owner on any adventure, but they are also content to stay indoors and snuggle up on the couch before or after playtime.

Beagles are good watchdogs. They are very observant and will alert their owner at the first sign of an intruder, an obvious display of their fierce loyalty to those they love. However, they have cheerful dispositions and are completely safe to have as pets. They do tend to bark a lot, but if this behavior gets out of hand, there are ways to deal with it.

While some dogs pick one person as their favorite human, beagles tend to like everyone in the family. They are not dependent on one particular person to make them happy and will gladly amuse themselves with all members of the household, including children. Beagles and children tend to be a match made in heaven. They are usually life-long playmates and spend as much time together as possible. A Beagle is a great choice for a family with children—or just about anybody else!

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