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Boston Terriers

Dogs - Boston TerrierThe Boston Terrier, nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” is a spunky little dog. He is active, curious, and playful. His markings make him look almost as if he is wearing a tuxedo, but don’t be fooled by his subdued appearance: this dog loves to have a good time!
The Boston Terrier is a relatively new breed and remains quite healthy, but these dogs are still susceptible to hereditary problems and genetic diseases, mainly atopic dermatitis, cataracts, deafness, and patellar luxation. Making sure your dog sees the veterinarian on a regular basis can help to make sure any conditions are spotted early on and given proper attention and treatment.
The Boston Terrier’s favorite activities are any that involve his owner. He loves to spend time playing with you or just hanging out together. No matter what mood you’re in, this pup will be there for you. Boston Terriers are known for their uncanny ability to mirror the mood of their owners—if you’re happy, he’s happy; if you’re sad, he’s sad.
Boston Terriers are basically indoor dogs. They cannot tolerate too much cold because of their short coats, and they don’t do well in the heat either, because of their short muzzles. Since they are relatively small dogs, Boston Terriers can live in just about any home (an apartment, condo, house, etc.), but they will need adequate daily exercise. They also make good family dogs, as they are energetic companions and will spend hours playing with children, even long after the parents have run out of energy.

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