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Dogs - Bulldogs Bulldogs are friendly, social dogs that don't like to be left alone for long periods of time. They love to hang out with their owners and watch you go about your business. They may not always join in, however, because their narrow windpipe, squashed face, and short legs prevent them from participating in too much vigorous activity. Prolonged exercise of any sort can leave a Bulldog gasping for breath and vulnerable to all sorts of respiratory ailments.

Some people find it hard to believe that Bulldogs require significant grooming attention. Although they don't have a heavy coat, they have numerous wrinkles that need to be kept clean to help avoid certain skin conditions and diseases from developing. Bulldogs also snore—a lot. They have a large amount of soft palate, which causes unavoidable snoring.

Bulldogs are trainable, but this will require more time than the training of most other dogs and a great amount of patience. They are thinkers, not automatic responders, and truly have minds of their own. Some people think Bulldogs are stubborn, while other people prefer to consider them independent and uniquely intelligent.

Most bulldogs will live happily in a home with other pets. They don't mind other dogs or even cats. They are also good with children and will have fun playing with all members of the family.

Purchasing a Bulldog can be expensive, but money is a small investment for anyone who falls in love with the funny face and stubborn, silly temperament of the loyal Bulldog.

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