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Hit by Car

Dogs - Hit By CarIf your beloved pooch is hit by a car, he will likely suffer some cuts and scrapes. Try not to move him until you are fairly sure there’s nothing more significant wrong with him. If he must be moved, slide him onto a board or a blanket in one swift movement, using gauze strips to hold him in place. You will probably need to get him to a veterinarian right away, but you may need to examine him first. Try to keep your dog calm while you examine him by talking to him in a soothing voice.
First, check his breathing to make sure his airway is not obstructed. If he’s not breathing, you’ll need to perform artificial respiration by holding his muzzle closed and breathing air into his nose. You may also need to administer CPR. Next, try to locate any external wounds that may need the bleeding stopped. Apply pressure to  the spot with a bandage or towel, if necessary.
If you’re in doubt about whether to take him to the veterinarian or not, call your vet and tell her what has happened. She will be able to tell you whether a trip to the office is necessary. However, any profuse bleeding, broken bones, or other obvious distress signs should immediately tell you that significant medical attention is required.