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Welcome to the Horse section of Pet University!

This section contains articles on all kinds of different horse topics, both general and breed-specific. You can add significantly to his levels of health and happiness by putting into practice all the great information available to you in this section.

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They gallop and trot, whinny and neigh, capturing our imagination — and our hearts. Horses can be fantastic companion animals.

The Daily Essentials

Taking care of your horse is an important responsibility, but it need not be overwhelming. In just a short time each day, you can keep him looking and feeling his best with a few simple tasks.
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The Necessary Extras

In addition to the daily chores you must undertake to keep your horse happy and healthy (see “The Daily Essentials”), your routine will also include less frequent—but no less important—tasks. These include providing him with ridden exercise, grooming him thoroughly, caring for his hooves and overall health, and maintaining your tack.
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Necessary Supplies

Whether you board your horse or keep him in a stable at home, you’ll need some basic tools to keep him well cared for and healthy. These include barn and stable gear, feeding supplies, a first-aid kit, and tack.
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Feeding Horses

As it is with other animals, good nutrition is the key to your horse’s good health. Although feeding a horse is not overly complicated, it isn’t as simple as just giving him a bag of oats or a bale of hay.
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Grooming Your Horse

Grooming your horse is an essential task that gives you an opportunity to inspect his body for injury, help prevent sores, stimulate blood circulation, and bond with him. Basically, if you want to keep your horse healthy and happy, you have to groom him every day.
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Exercising Your Horse

Exercise is an important aspect of horse care. It helps build and maintain muscles, allows you to bond with your animal, keeps him calm and happy, and done properly, keeps him in optimal health.
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Horse Health Problems

You love your horse, so you no doubt want him to live a long and healthy life. To ensure this, you should become familiar with some of the common ailments that can affect horses.
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First Aid for Horses

No horse owner wants to think about their horse becoming injured, but thinking about it now can help save your horse’s life in the future. Accidents and injuries happen. The better prepared you are for these events, the better chance your horse has of recovering.
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Types of Horses

Whether you are talking to your bird, teaching them tricks or taking them on a vacation with you, activities with your birds can be very rewarding.
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Start or Join a Discussion about Horses

Have a question? Need an answer? Discuss Horses in our Forum...
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