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Natural History

Green treefrogs are found throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They are very adaptable creatures and can be found in a variety of different environments. Green treefrog coloring ranges from emerald to olive green with yellow stripes running along their sides. This coloring helps them to easily camouflage themselves in the wild.

Nocturnal, green treefrogs are most active between the hours of twilight to well after midnight. They are more than capable of functioning in the dark, navigating with ease even on the darkest of nights. One interesting characteristic of treefrogs is the system of vocal trills that they use to communicate with each other. If a predator draws near, the treefrogs will be silent until he has moved on.

For more information, read Quick & Easy Green Treefrog Care (T.F.H. Publications, Inc.).

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