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Natural History

Natural History of Chameleons

It is generally agreed upon that chameleons originated in eastern Africa, then moving into the rest of Africa, the Mediterranean region, the Arabian Peninsula, India, and Madagascar. Today, the majority of chameleons are naturally found on Madagascar, but captive-bred chameleons are found throughout the world.

Chameleons are easily recognized by their independently movable eyes, long tongues, and fused digits on each foot. They are beautiful creatures that come in a wide range of colors and varieties. They generally make their home in trees or bushes, making use of their gripping feet and tail. Perhaps the chameleon’s best-known trait, their ability to camouflage is also useful in their leafy habitat. In addition to color change, some chameleons’ camouflaging abilities include other forms of mimicry, such as pretending to be leaves swaying in the wind or purporting to be dead in the presence of a predator.

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