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Welcome to the Small Animals section of Pet University!

This section contains articles on all kinds of different small animals topics, both general and breed-specific. Whether you have a rabbit or a gerbil, you can add significantly to his levels of health and happiness by putting into practice all the great information available to you in this section.

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What Small Animal is Right for You?

So you’re allergic to cats and you don’t want to be constantly covered in dog hair, but you really want to share your life with an animal. What do you do? The answer is simple: Go small!
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Getting Started

What supplies will you need before you bring home your new Small Animal?
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Types of Small Animals

How big are small animals? How do you handle them? What is required for their care? What animals are available?
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Fun with Small Animals

You’ve set up the best cage for your small animal, and he has been living happily with you for some time. Now how do you have fun with the little guy?
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Start or Join a Discussion about Small Animals

Have a question? Need an answer? Discuss Small Animals in our Forum...
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